Hand Sawing

Our hand sawing services are suited for cutting walls and floors with depths of up to 150mm. Our professionals will assess every site before commencing work and will determine whether to use an electric, hydraulic or petrol saw, depending on the location.


Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is used to create exact circular cuts. Our core drilling rigs can drill holes between 12mm to 1200mm in diameter, and can drill both walls and floors. All of our drill bits have diamond cores to ensure precision, and are cooled with water so as to reduce the amount of dust that is created while working.


Rock Drilling

If you need to drill dowel bar holes into concrete slabs or bridge sides, then you need professional rock drillers. Our strong and heavy-duty rock drills are capable of drilling into extremely hard foundations and are supported by counter weights to ensure it maintains balance and is safe to work with.


Ring Sawing

A ring saw is a hand-held electric saw that is commonly used in conjunction with a hand saw. Ring saws can achieve a cut depth of between 260mm to 275mm and can create a precision square cut edge for finer finishes.


Wall Sawing

Our wall sawing services are an efficient way of making precise cuts in steel, masonry or reinforced concrete. Wall sawing operates with a hydraulic-powered cutting head mounted onto a metal track which is then bolted to a wall, floor or roof. Our wall saws have a diamond blade that are capable of cutting through heavily reinforced concrete to depths of up to 750mm to create clean, straight cuts.


Road Sawing

We use diesel or electric-powered road saws to cut through horizontal surfaces such as concrete slabs, asphalt and concrete road cutting. They have excellent manoeuvrability and can cut depths of up to 400mm. The road saw is one of the most effective and fastest saw cutting procedures and is widely used for removing damaged sections of concrete and for creating expansion cuts in flat surfaces.


Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is an effective way of cutting through heavily reinforced concrete, and can cut across all sizes of structures. This technique uses diamond bead cables that spin when pulled through the concrete surface. Wire saws limit noise, dust and vibration, which makes them ideal for use on occupied sites.


Concrete Removal

We’ll make sure to remove all concrete on site in a safe manner. We can provide bins and will cut all concrete to a small size to allow for safe lifting and disposal.


Vic Sawing & Drilling specialises in concrete cutting, sawing and drilling for both commercial and domestic projects. We conduct our services throughout all of Victoria, and guarantee to provide high-quality work for all of our clients at an affordable price.

Our experienced team members will assess all jobs before commencing work to determine the correct tools and methods that will be necessary to execute the job in an efficient and safe manner.

Our wall sawing services

We possess the necessary high quality wall sawing equipment to conduct fast, accurate cuts on either concrete or masonry. Using a specialised track, the saw is fixed to the surface intended to be cut, and the saw is controlled remotely by our operator. This ensures a safe work environment and produces exceptionally precise cuts, every time.

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Our licensed operators are qualified to work on commercial construction projects of all sizes, and have built a solid reputation for delivering safe and efficient sawing, drilling and cutting services. We have the right tools and equipment to tackle jobs of all scales, and we always ensure to work within OH & S Codes of Practice and Safety Standards.



Vic Sawing & Cutting is committed to providing reliable and affordable services for domestic clients across all of Victoria. Our extensive experience in the industry means that we have the knowledge and capability to tackle all jobs presented to us, no matter how complicated they are. Our team members assess all sites before commencing work to ensure they’re working in a safe manner with minimal disruption.

Brick wall cutting

We can offer premium brick cutting services which are tailored to your exact needs. Speak with us about what you are hoping to achieve and we will be able to meet your exact requirements. We have vast experience working on a number of different properties, both big and small, and needless to say, we have the industry learned experience to offer superior results.

Our concrete cutters are here to help

Not only do we possess the specialised machinery and equipment to offer first class concrete cutting, we also possess the expertise and the industry knowledge to ensure the job is completed to the highest standard.

Concrete core drilling

Our concrete coring service can create perfectly exact circular cuts using our high quality drilling equipment. We have worked on many construction sites in the past by boring holes into foundations and walls for the installation of plumbing and wiring.

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