Melbourne’s Premium Wall Sawing Services

Entrust our dedicated team to tackle your commercial or domestic project to the highest standards. Backed by many years in the industry, our professional wall sawing services are among the best throughout Melbourne. We offer the specialty machinery and highly experienced team to exceed your expectations every time, and ensure we go above and beyond so that you are entirely satisfied by the finished result.

Benefits of our sawing services

Whether for a wall, or floor, our sawing equipment and qualified professionals can offer their expertise for any sized project both domestic and commercial. This specific service is ideal for those looking to cut holes in walls, windows and doorways, to reduce wall height or provide extra living/working space. This process is necessary for those looking to create a new doorway, lift shaft or window, but require a hole to be made through solid concrete.
wall sawing services Melbourne
The wall sawing method involves attaching a specialized track to the concrete surface you wish to cut. The saw head is then guided along this track, whether horizontal or vertical, to achieve an efficient and highly accurate cut. The diamond saw blade makes incremental incisions into the concrete until the desired depth is achieved. The saw itself is managed remotely by one of our team members, allowing for a safe working environment and fast, effective results. Whatever your individual sawing requirements, whether angled, inverted or flush, we have the necessary sawing equipment and expert operators to align with your needs.

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Beyond offering unparalleled concrete sawing, drilling and cutting services, we also make a point of delivering the highest standards of customer satisfaction. We understand that without our customers, we wouldn’t have a business in the first place, which is why we strive to remain courteous and professional at all times. If you would like to speak with one of our wall sawing professionals within Melbourne, whether in regards to our brick cutting, or concrete coring, feel free to get in contact with us today by calling 03 5943 1639.